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Privacy Policy

Cookies and Privacy Policy


All information is given here refer to the efforts that the TwoRocks OÜ provides to ensure all personal data and web surfing procedures would be kept confidential between the company and the users.


By logging on to the Website, you concur that it is the property of TwoRocks OÜ, but the latter has nothing to do with the validity of the information given here. More exclusively, the privacy policy has to do with:

  1. a. Your online presence time on the Website.
  2. What was your clicking profile, and how many times you clicked on separate ads.
  3. Any interactions you had under the site’s chat section, either with other users or the Website administrators.
  4. The name, username, passwords, or nicknames you used to log in to the Website and the third parties where you could log in through valid links existent in the Website.




Under no circumstances TwoRocks OÜ assumes responsibility for privacy leaks cause to the current Website from DDoS and other cyber-attacks. The Website owners hereby state that they comply with the National Esthonian Guidelines for Safe Website Creation, giving an HTTPS secure site confirmation for the current Website.


The TwoRocks OÜ company will accept no responsibility for any third-party access to private data that would be the members’ responsibility to safeguard. All data you have and may share to common browsers could get revealed to other third parties without TwoRocks OÜ accepting any form of accountability. The Website could also get accessed from all current browsers, and the company makes all its best efforts to give precise security information to any person asking for it.




Cookies are necessary for the Website to rank better in Google and other online browsing services and search engines. Every user connecting to the Website assumes that cookies would be sent to each member’s computer so that the surfing could naturally occur.


Cookies are small pieces of code and files that easily direct external computers to find the sources in the Website’s internal server provided from TwoRocks OÜ. It is in the website members’ best interest to allow cookies to get downloaded to their computers. The TwoRocks OÜ company assumes no responsibility for cookies that are disrupted or even broken by external parties linked to the current Website. Most cookies are:



These cookies are necessary for downloading the main aspects of the Website. All users need to allow their downloading to enter and use the Website services.


These are unnecessary to download by all users but can give the Website the right language and text size customization. The downloading of that cookies category seems suggestable by the Website for better surfing.


All these cookies are codes to identify potential security risks for computers connected to the Website servers. A denial to accept these cookies can ban your website services entrance.


The Website assures all users of the safety and consistency of these cookies. They are necessary for the site to provide a quality experience to its users. By downloading these cookies, you give the right to the Website owners to access information about your computer’s performance and how easy it can connect to the Website.


That kind of cookie is supplementary for the function of the Website. No user will be obliged to download them from the Website. They give third-party advertisers access to check users’ navigation patterns within our Website. The TwoRocks OÜ company assumes no responsibility for using such information from third parties. Once accepted, these cookies cannot be revoked and give direct access to third-party advertisers for as long as you are connected to the Website.




Users that accept cookies also have the chance to erase them from their computers as follows permanently:


  1. You can erase the existence of the cookies files at any time without any prior notice to the Website or the TwoRocks OÜ company.

b.The Website assumes no responsibility for your current browser’s settings concerning cookies. You may need to change the browser or even search in its settings to block cookies from our Website.

  1. c. You may always take more information about cookies here:


Cookies can not be a subject of dispute or litigation between independent members that use the Website or the services of TwoRocks OÜ company. The latter will assume that all users logging in and browsing the Website have read and agreed to the current cookies policy.


Furthermore, every user will get presented with an affidavit of understanding and consent when browsing the Website. By clicking the ALLOW button, the Website takes no further notice of cookies and keeps on sending pieces of information automatically to the users’ computers.


All rights are reserved for the TwoRocks OÜ company and the Website.