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Terms of Use

Terms of Use


You need to know that Terms of Use apply only to TwoRocks OÜ Online Gaming Company, that is located on the https://tworocksou.com/ URL, available for people in all European jurisdictions. The present site can and will include all current and future websites, depending on this one. That will be referred to as “Website” for the current terms of use.


Make sure you carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the Website use. In case that agreement cannot be accepted by your side, you have the option not to use, disclose, reproduce or view the information provided or linked in the Website. You need to be precise about your presence on the current Website and comply with all local and federal regulations of your jurisdiction. If you keep on being present online and use the Website links, you forfeit your right to any further dispute, and it seems like you accept the Terms and Conditions written here.


The terms and provisions of the Website use can change from the legal proprietors of the current domain. They also have the right to alter them to their benefit when they think it’s right to do so, without any prior notice to the users. If you keep logging on to the Website even after the modification of the Terms and Conditions, it is implied that you have read the new terms and accept their meaning and consequences.



a.The Website is the sole property of the TwoRocks OÜ company registered to the Esthonian Business Index (Register No: 16130561), and its address is Laki tn 30, Tallinn, 12915, Estonia. An Esthonian limited company you can find under the following email address info@tworocksou.com.

  1. The Website is made to give information about the TwoRocks OÜ online SEO gaming company and its services. It also serves as a communication link for the potential and current clients with the customer services.
  2. The Terms presented here are only valid for the Website and not for the TwoRocks OÜcompany relations and functions with its customers. You need to understand that different terms apply for the Website and the company operations and comply with these agreements.




  1. All information and links you find on the Website are the intellectual property of TwoRocks OÜ and cannot be exchanged or reproduced without any prior permission by the company’s executive team.
  2. The character of this information is always purely informative and has nothing to do with specific actions visitors need to take.
  3. If you browse or use any information and links (even from third party sites), it doesn’t mean you use the TwoRocks OÜ services either directly or indirectly.




  1. You have the right to press all links on the Website and assume that you will have and receive proper communication with the TwoRocks OÜ service teams.
  2. b. Every personal data you disclose to any internal or third-party page or website can be subject to the Privacy Policy and Cookies provisions.
  3. TwoRocks OÜ reserves the right to restrict communications internally from the Website and other third parties, giving the users prior notice.



  1. a. Every piece of information available through the Website, like logos, images, graphics, links, etc. (included but not limited to) remains the website’s property.
  2. b. You don’t have the right to copy, reproduce or even refer to this information without previously taking written notice from the Website owners.
  3. TwoRocks OÜ has the right to revoke or ban every user who has failed to comply with these permits about the website’s information.
  4. Every dispute between the Website owners, TwoRocks OÜ company, and third parties using or surfing the Website pages should be subject to referee or litigation in the Esthonian Courts.




  1. TwoRocks OÜ does its best to update and ensure the truthfulness of all information provided through the Website. If you have any complaints or suggestions, you may call or contact the relevant webmasters.
  2. On the other hand, no user can assume that TwoRocks OÜ would be legally liable for the website’s validity. If you suffer from damages incurred by the information and third-party links found on the Website, TwoRocks OÜ wouldn’t be held liable in a court of law.



  1. The only applicable law for users who log in and access the website’s information would be the Republic of Esthonia laws.
  2. In the case the Website provides services to single customers who are not part of business ownership, the local consumers’ protection laws apply.
  3. Every dispute should be officially sent to the Website owners and wait for the approval and court order by the National Esthonian Higher Court for Business Disputes.


All facts given here are purely informative and don’t constitute an incentive or call for action.