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How Does Mobile-First Index Affect eCommerce SEO Services?

How Does Mobile-First Index Affect eCommerce SEO Services?

How Does Mobile-First Index Affect eCommerce SEO Services?

Mobile-First Index uses Smartphone sites as the main search index. The majority of websites, including organizations that use eCommerce SEO services, are in Google Search. SEO consultancy personnel must understand that the quality of their smartphone sites impacts their search ranking with this index. Therefore, they should take into account the display speed and the type of screen that their target customers are using to view their website.

What is Mobile-First Index?

To better understand how Mobile-First Index impacts eCommerce SEO services, it is crucial to first establish what the term means. It refers to search engines that utilize smartphone sites for their search index. Before now, Google used only PC sites as the search index. However, the dominance of smartphones in accessing websites today has made it expedient to introduce this type of indexing for SEO measurement. That means that an SEO service company must pay attention to this phenomenon in its strategy development.

How Do You Check Mobile-First Index?

When doing SEO in digital marketing, it is important to check if the Mobile-First Index is enabled for your website. To do this use the Google Search Console and follow the steps below:
  • Log in to the backend on your site and sign in to the Google Search Console. From here, choose the “Settings” menu.
  • Review and check the value that is displayed on the index crawler column
From there, you should be able to see whether it is enabled or not. You can click to enable the feature if it is not currently enabled.

Why is Mobile-First Index Important?

As mentioned earlier, Google initially focused on PC sites for its search index but today, it has adopted this critical mechanism for its search index. So, what is the reason for the change? Why has Google adopted it for its search index? There are two reasons for this.

The Usage Rate of Mobile Search is high

It is a known fact that people search more on their smartphones than on their PC. In 2015, Google released a statement that mobile search on its platform is higher than PC search and by the following year, it moved from PC site to mobile-first index.
  • High Rate of Mismatched Mobile Search Results

The first reason has a bearing on this second reason to a large extent. With an increase in the use of smartphones to search, Google realized the need for mobile-friendly pages. The smartphone display screen is narrow compared to PCs, which leads to issues with the speed of communication. Not all PC site content was able to fit into the smartphone screen and viewing websites on phones is mostly uninteresting. To rectify this issue, the search index had to be adjusted to cater to the needs of mobile users.


Every SEO services company should be familiar with the concept of a mobile-first index and it will significantly impact their clients’ ranking both on PC and mobile sites. In the same way, business owners should explore the best SEO services to ensure they get service providers that can incorporate mobile indexing into their web design strategy.