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What are the Core Elements of a High-Quality Landing Page?

What are the Core Elements of a High-Quality Landing Page?

To have a successful online business, it is crucial to have a high-quality landing page for every product or service that a business offers. As a business owner, this may not be within your expertise and that is where the service of a WordPress SEO agency comes in. Unfortunately, many Japanese business owners do not invest in their websites. The outcomes of such are websites with poor landing pages. These sites have failed to attract users and convert visitors to paying customers. It is more disheartening that many business owners do not know the volume of customers they lose daily because of their poor landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

Simply put, a landing page is the first webpage that visitors see when they come (land) to your site. Visitors to your website come from different places. It may be that the user got your business card and typed your website address into their browser and got directed to your page. It may also be that they heard about your website. Another way that visitors get to your site is through search. When your custom SEO services provider has worked on your site and visitors input a search in the search engine, your website can come up on the listing and they click on it and landed on your website. Other ways that visitors can get to your site include:
  • Social mentions or shares on different social networks, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Line, among others.
  • Paid advertisement, which can be done by a web and SEO services provider.
  • Referrals, which can be through a third-party website, such as directory listing and other blogs
When a user comes to your site, they have an inkling that your service or product will meet their needs. The goal of a custom SEO services provider is to act a couple of steps ahead to put things in place that will make the solutions you have appealing to the visitors. If you lose your visitors on your landing page, you have lost them for good.

Core Elements of a High-Quality Landing Page

For a start, you have about three to five seconds to convince a visitor that you have the solution they are looking for. Next, you have to convince them to take action. All these must be done within seconds. That is why you need an experienced WordPress SEO agency for your online marketing strategy. The four elements that you must focus on to attract your visitors are Title, Subheading, Main Image, and the Call-to-Action button. Let us look at these in brief details.
  • Title

You must have a clear and effective title for your landing page. All you need are a few short words that succinctly communicate your product name and the specific things it can do. Your title should have keywords to make it easy to locate you.
  • Subheading

Your subheading should show that you empathize with the visitors’ problems and convey why your product or service is the best solution to the problem.
  • High-Quality Image

Pictures are more powerful than words. Therefore, use great pictures to represent your product.
  • Call-to-Action Button

Never forget this important element in your landing page. If you get the first three correctly and miss out on this last element, your effort would have been wasted. It is recommended that you get a reputable web and SEO services provider to work with you in developing these four core elements.