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4 Reasons you are not getting Responses from your Outreach Emails and how to fix them

4 Reasons you are not getting Responses from your Outreach Emails and how to fix them

You have probably noticed the trend. When an international SEO consultant or their local counterparts develop an online marketing campaign for you, they always include email outreach. The reason for this is clear. It is universal knowledge that email is the most personal method of contact that you can make online. With perfectly crafted outreach emails, a search engine optimization agency always gets the desired links, clients, and joint venture opportunities, or any other desired results that have been earmarked. Unfortunately, a high percentage of people cannot write impeccable outreach emails. So, instead of dealing with the project as a site owner, it may be a good idea to hire SEO expert services to handle your outreach email campaigns.

Reasons you are not getting desired Responses from your Outreach Emails

If you have sent out a couple of thousands of outreach emails without getting favorable results, it may be that you are doing some things wrong. Here are common mistakes that a search engine optimization agency can prevent when sending out outreach emails.
  • Lying in your Emails

When you send cold outreach emails as an SEO expert services provider, try to be as truthful as possible. Many site owners can spot lies within a few seconds of reading your email. Do not make claims that are not true just to impress your recipient. Say the truth as succinctly as possible. Instead of lying that you are a huge fan of a brand that you have not even subscribed to, you can simply pick an article they have written and say something about it. With that, you show that you have genuinely done some research about them.
  • You ask for too much

If you are looking to build backlinks, there is a high chance that you are reaching out to a popular blogger within your niche. These are busy people who have a lot to handle. Even if they are not very popular, always assume that they are very busy because people are generally busy. So, limit your call to action. For instance, if you send an email to a blogger, it is tacky to ask them to review the content of the link you sent, provide feedback, and decide if it is relevant for their target audience. That is asking for too much. Instead, limit your request.
  • Your content is not special

The truth is that influencers receive tons of emails from website owners like you asking them for a favor. Your content should be unique and special to the point of eliciting action from the recipient.
  • Watch out for Typos

When sending an email, take the extra time to check the grammar and spelling. Spelling errors are turn-offs for many people. It shows that you do not put much effort into what you do and you lack attention to detail. Well, if you have spelling errors in a short email, how would your content look like?


Email outreach is undoubtedly one of the most impactful strategies to grow your site. You can use it to obtain more backlinks for SEO, build partnerships, and generate more sales. Unfortunately, many people make numerous mistakes while crafting their email outreach campaigns. This often reduces the positive responses they get. This post shares some common errors that you should look out for. You may want to engage an international SEO consultant to work on the project for your site.