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How SEO Service Provider Can Improve Your Image Placement and Usage for Effective SEO

How SEO Service Provider Can Improve Your Image Placement and Usage for Effective SEO

How SEO Service Provider Can Improve Your Image Placement and Usage for Effective SEO

Many things go into image placement and usage to achieve an effective SEO. Interestingly an affordable SEO agency can make a world of difference in the results you achieve. Although search engines continue to evolve daily, it is difficult to correctly ascertain the content and value portrayed in an image. However, a affordable SEO agency can work with you to ensure you do the right thing to achieve an optimal result. With many cheap SEO services, you can achieve great SEO results without spending a fortune.

The “Do-Nots” and “Do” of Image Placement and Usage

There are many things you can do to improve the value of your image usage online. However, there are more critical things that you should not do to avoid ineffectiveness. Usually, a professional SEO agency understands this and should guide you through the process to ensure that your online marketing activities achieve the KPIs. Here are some of the things that you should not do with your image placement and usage online.

Do not embed Texts within Images

Google sees content as textual information, including headline tags, and title tags. That means that if you add crucial text, such as service names, product names, headlines, or catchphrases in images, Google would not be able to accurately recognize and classify the information. Therefore, it is recommended that you use images without important text. Your SEO service provider can help you guide against this.

Do not include Romaji Notation in Image File Names

Google uses an image file name to recognize the content of the image. This means that if an image file name has Romaji characters, Google will interpret it as English and not Japanese. In other words, if you use romaji notations, it would not recognize the keyword that the image is associated with. Make sure that your image’s file name is in English and separated by a hyphen. Use a common English name to represent your images and include model numbers where necessary. A professional SEO company should be able to help you with the correct use of words and placement.

Explain the Alt Feature that Describes an Image Content in an IMG Tag

Apart from image file names, Google also uses the narrative written within the alt attribute in the IMG tag to identify the items in an image. If the alt attribute’s text is connected to the page content, the search engine sees the page as being very easy to understand with the images. Google image search also uses the alt attribute by displaying it within the search results. This implies that the alt attribute of an IMG tag is closely associated with SEO. It is a great idea to choose an affordable SEO agency to help develop an effective plan to optimize all that the alt attribute can provide.


SEO management from an SEO service provider is a technical process and only an experienced professional understands the intricacies involved. Irrespective of the size of your business, you can be sure to find an affordable SEO agency that you can work with to achieve your digital marketing goals.