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SEO Internal Measures: What are they?

SEO Internal Measures: What are they?

SEO measures are grouped into two. They are internal measures and external measures. An expert SEO and PPC agency would naturally start SEO with internal measures. Any site that desires to rank high in search engines must first ensure that they understand internal measures and how they work.

What are Internal SEO Internal Measures?

These are measures taken for a site’s content. Internal measures are grouped into three. The first is crawling measures. This is designed to enable search engines to find content easily. The second is index measures. They help search engines to understand the content. The third is ranking measures. These enable the search ranking.
  • Content SEO and SEO Internal Measures

Content SEO aims to enhance the measurement of search engines and the entry of searches through the increment in the number of blog articles. It also aims to enhance the quality of content. This means that content SEO is one of the SEO internal measures and it focuses on content while taking measures.
  • Technical SEO and SEO Internal Measures

Technical SEO aims to enhance the measurement of search engines through the optimization of HTML tags as well as sitemaps. Comparing both content SEO and technical SEO, it is easy to see that both have different focus areas within SEO internal measures. To improve the ranking of a site, a local search company usually invests in both.

Why is SEO Internal Measures important?

The major reason for the implementation of SEO internal measures is to make it possible for Google to correctly identify a website and list the same in the search index. Google usually displays pages in the search results through three different processes. These are:
  • Crawler gather the website information
  • Register the gathered pages within the search index, and
  • Determine the site’s web ranking
The processes have the potential to increase the reflection speed and accuracy of information by gathering internal measures from a site. With this, generating a higher search display becomes easier. Therefore, it is essential to create a site that Google can easily recognize and that users can easily understand. An organic SEO services company put these measures in place; a site can achieve a good evaluation from search engines.

Tips for Crawl Optimization

Site evaluation and search ranking are established by a robot known as a Google crawler. This robot crawls through a site to read the content. That means that if you want the crawler to crawl through every page on your site without any delay, you need a professional organic SEO services company to help with the design of your site. There are two terms associated with the crawler. The first is crawler-ability, which refers to how easy it is for the crawler to navigate through a site. The second is crawl optimization, which means the process of improving the crawler. Here are the measures that an SEO and PPC agency can take to improve crawl optimization:
  • Simplify the link structure on your site
  • Use breadcrumb trail settings
  • Send XML sitemap
  • Use Robots.txt settings


It is very crucial to take cognizance of the need to develop a site that is easy for Google crawlers and to recognize and understand. If a local search company neglects these basic settings, it becomes difficult to show the top search content of a site, irrespective of how useful the content on your site is.