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How well does your Website Convert Users?

How well does your Website Convert Users?

It is a well-known fact that websites lose millions of dollars each year, thanks to their below-average converting sites. Unfortunately, many businesses planning to expand to other regions are oblivion to this. It is crucial to work closely with a reputable international SEO company to guide you through the strategies of optimizing your site for the overseas market. A good organic SEO agency understands how to apply the latest conversion rate optimization methods to translate your increasing visitors into real customers.

How does Conversion Rate Optimization work?

Correct conversion rate optimization focuses on both on-site and off-site approaches that can propel your visitors to take a specific action. When aiming to capture foreign visitors, it is crucial to understand that the concerns and expectations of Japanese visitors are quite different from Western visitors. Understanding this fact can transform the results you generate from your SEO activities. The best SEO marketing companies understand the need to employ bilingual consultants to resolve bottlenecks to customer conversion and provide recommendations on improvements that are culturally sensitive.

How an International SEO Company handles Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

For a start, CRO strategies are designed to ensure that each component of your site and the overall marketing strategy are in sync to attract would-be customers. An international SEO company is first and foremost a business consultant who takes their time to understand the goals of your business, your ideal customers, and how they relate to your site. Based on the understanding, they develop something called “Online Funnel”. This will track potential customers as they attain their goals while using your site. If you engage a reputable organic SEO agency for the project, you can trust them to deliver. They use a wide variety of tools, including User Recordings and Scroll Maps to obtain precise details of visitors using your site and what they do while browsing through it. To ensure optimal results, they use inline surveys to identify the reason for any bottleneck that your visitors may experience while using your website.

Steps in the Conversion Rate Optimization

Most of the best SEO marketing companies in Japan offer conversion rate optimization and each uses different metrics and methods. However, the highlights of steps that they go through while achieving the key performance index for your conversion rate optimization include the following:
  • They identify specific conversion metrics
  • Develop goals for conversion rate optimization
  • Analyze current conversion paths
  • Analyze backend analytics installation
  • Carry out split test analysis and suggestions
  • Collect feedback from visitors and follow up on them.


It is recommended that businesses that desire to expand to overseas markets should invest in conversion rate optimization to improve their success rate. As mentioned, the expectations of foreign markets are different from the local market. Therefore, you need the service of an experienced international SEO company to optimize your site for overseas markets. The conversion rate optimization entails different services. They include Split Testing, Google Analytics, Heat Maps & Scroll Maps, Inline Surveys, Reporting, and User Recordings. The best SEO marketing companies understand how each service work and how to use them to boost your website’s potentials.