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How to Build Links in Japan and How a Link Building Company can help

How to Build Links in Japan and How a Link Building Company can help

  A link building company often gets numerous requests from clients to help them to build links for their Japanese sites. Of course, various techniques can be used. Some work pretty well while others do not.  Over the years, professionals in SEO management services in Japan have come to realize that building links in Japan is quite different from how it works in other Western countries. If you are looking to build effective links in Japan, this post offers helpful tips and recommendations on how best to go about it. 

How does Link Building Work?

Many organic SEO consultants believe that backlinks are one of the most important factors for a website. If your business is within the competitive niche, it would be the most important part that your organic SEO consultants must pay attention to. The use of backlinks to measure websites is often not a flawless science algorithmically.  Google has once revealed its move to remove backlinks from its algorithms but there is yet to be a better metric to replace it. Although it is considered inadequate, Google link evaluation algorithms are still considered one of the high-ranking factors.

What are the Components of Google Backlinks?

There are some basic components of high-quality backlinks that apply to both Japan and the rest of the globe. A link building company must understand these components and how to effectively use them. First, a page must have good-quality links. Second, the backlinks should come from high-authority websites. Third, the links should be suitable. Let us look at each of these briefly.

Good Quality Links

The location of the backlink on your page is very important. Having your link stated in the top two or three paragraphs is huge. On the other hand, if it is hidden in the sidebars or footers, it would not make much impact. Usually, the best quality backlinks are those in-content links that are suitable to the topics on your page.

Backlinks should come from the High Authority Website

Backlinks from high authority sites have more value than from an unknown site. There are two ways to measure site authority. One, the volume of backlinks that the site has, and two, the volume of branded searches it gets. An authority site is generally a reliable source and it is very respected by experts in the industry.

Backlinks must be Relevant

The backlink to your website must be appropriate to the content in question and the overall theme of your site. One of the most underrated factors in measuring backlinks is relevance. Google traditionally uses the anchor text to measure the relevance of a link. If you want to improve your site, page relevance is very crucial. 


Building links in 2021 requires skills and competence. In this post, we have shared three important factors that make for effective backlink generation. It is part of the functions of SEO management services, which is why it is recommended that enterprises choose a reputable link building company to manage everything about their SEO strategy.