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How to Create a Site Map with WordPress

How to Create a Site Map with WordPress

The XML sitemap is an indispensable file for SEO. The file functions like a site address book that search engine crawlers read and use. When a small business SEO agency creates a site map, it has a significant impact in improving the patrol speed of the crawler and speeds up the reflection within search results. The sitemap registers the URLs of the existing pages on your site and the crawlers crawl through the site by referencing the URL on the site map. This means that when a top SEO consultant creates a site map for a business, it helps such a site to crawl effectively.

What are the Functions of XML Sitemap for WordPress Blogs?

XML sitemaps are useful in two major situations. First, it is useful after an SEO and social medial marketing services provider update or adds a blog post. It is also useful immediately after renewing or releasing the blog. It is important to mention that the crawlers will still try to find pages on your site even if you do not have a sitemap. It follows the links from the top page on your site to locate the information required. However, it will take more time for the crawler to crawl through your site to find new and updated pages. With a sitemap, this because easier and faster.

Tips to Create a Sitemap

There are specific tips that can make the creation of a sitemap less difficult. In this part, we will look at useful tips to help you in the creation process as well as other important information that may help you along the way.

Check the Pages that should be registered in the sitemap

Before a small business SEO agency creates a sitemap, it is recommended that they ensure that the articles in the blog are perfectly indexed by Google. When pages have zero search influx, they are unlikely to be indexed by Google.

Use a Plug-in that creates a sitemap automatically with WordPress

WordPress features different practical plugins that enable a top SEO consultant to create XML sitemaps. Let us look at three of the most popular plugins.
  • Google XML Sitemaps plugin: this specializes in generating XML sitemaps automatically.
  • All-in-One SEO Pack Plugin: this offers XML sitemap functionality and its function is enabled by default. An SEO and social medial marketing services provider can use the XML sitemap without any settings.
  • Yoast SEO Plugin: this also provides the functionality of the XML sitemap. The functionality is enabled when it is set up with Configuration Wizard. You can check if the sitemap functionality is enabled by selecting the Yoast SEO in the General menu and then select the “Features” tab.

Use the Standard Sitemap of WordPress

After the release of WordPress 5.5, the sitemap has become standard equipment. SEO and social media marketing services providers can use the XML site map without the use of a plugin. Additionally, there is no need for any settings and they can begin to use them immediately.


Sitemaps are critical to enhancing crawler-ability. Depending on the version of WordPress, a top SEO consultant can use it without a plugin. To improve Google rating, the site map and relevant internal measures should be considered.