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How to Grow your Business in Japan

How to Grow your Business in Japan

Are you interested in entering the Japanese market? Whether you are a new startup or an existing enterprise that wants to increase its Japanese customer base, you can be sure to find a top local SEO company to provide the right marketing strategy for your growth. A reputable search engine optimization firm has the skills and expertise to develop the most cost-effective strategies and channels to help you grow your business in the region of Japan.

How Can a Chapel Hill SEO Agency help you grow your business in Japan?

A Chapel Hill SEO agency often uses data-driven growth marketing strategies that are customized for your business niche. They follow fool-proof steps to help develop strategies that work. The first step towards developing a strong strategy to grow your business in Japan is to have a thorough discussion with you. The goal is to understand your business goals and how these relate to your website content and design. Through meticulous keyword and customer research, they create unique buyer personas and seamless customer journeys. These are the foundation of any inbound strategy that will drive your site. Next, they use the appropriate strategy mix to grow your business fast in the region. They will also provide recommendations on how you can identify fundamental differences between the Japanese market and Western markets. With this understanding, you will be able to avoid marketing mistakes that can hamper your business growth.

What can you expect from a Top Local SEO Company?

A top local SEO company is data-driven. They use business intelligence tools and web analytics to track results from your site to improve your business success. Here are some services that you can expect from a reputable search engine optimization firm:

Pay-per-click Advertising

This is one of the most basic forms of growing a business and the interesting part is that it is very effective, irrespective of your industry. It includes the use of advertising platforms, such as Yahoo Sponsored Search, Google Adwords, Facebook, YDN, and GND, among others. You can gain incredible insight into your market and customers’ needs from the knowledge acquired from running simple pay-per-click campaigns.

Conversion Optimization

The first hurdle in your conversion journey is to get visitors to your site. The next part of the hurdle is to convert these visitors into customers. It may interest you to know that it takes more to convert a lead into a real customer than it takes to attract them to your site. An experienced Chapel Hill SEO agency would have the competence in conversion rate optimization and landing page optimization, among others, to convert your visitors into paying customers.


The above are just a few of the skills that you can expect from your search engine optimization firm. Other services that they may deliver to you include landing page development, SEO and SEM, A/B Testing, SEO Link Building, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Viral Growth. It is recommended that you speak with your Chapel Hill SEO agency to know the specific services they offer and how they can help your site grow before you employ them.