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Tips to Develop a Link-building Strategy from the Ground-Up

Tips to Develop a Link-building Strategy from the Ground-Up

Google evaluates about two hundred factors to establish page ranking. Of course, hardly can any of the top search engine marketing companies consider all these factors when developing a link-building strategy. However, they understand the most crucial thing to do, which is to create backlinks.Over the years, backlinks have consistently remained one of the top-ranking factors for building links, which makes them the primary currency of Google. An SEO advertising company understands the importance of developing a link-building strategy to achieve a high ranking in SEO.

How Do You Create a Link-building Strategy?

There are different ways to develop a link-building strategy and you can be sure that many local SEO companies near me have different methods and opinions on the best approach to use. This post looks at a simple approach that you can use to develop a link-building strategy from the beginning.It should be noted that the information provided here does not cover the different areas of link-building but it offers the basic materials that will help you obtain valuable links from different authoritative websites. Let us get into the details:

Compile a Website Lists

The first step is to develop a list of websites that you would want to get links from. Develop criteria for the sites you want. You may want to identify a couple of digital resources, publications, and blogs that are relevant to your industry.

Analyze your Competitors

There are a lot of insights you can get by analyzing your major competitors. Investigate the sources of their backlinks. There are tools you can use to get this information within a few seconds. SEMrush is a top tool that many top search engine marketing companies use.

Search through Keywords

You can also use SEMrush to search for link-worthy websites. Simply enter a specific keyword that applies to your demographic and click the “Search” button. SEMrush will provide a list of valuable resources that you can gain insight from.

Match Content with Suitable Websites

When you have developed a credible list of relevant sites where you plan to get backlinks, the next step is to match the content in your archive with relevant sites. You need this to start up a conversation with a site owner.

Get in touch with the Site Owners

This is the last step in the process. Your SEO advertising company will get in touch with the website owners that you have listed and matched your content with their site to see if they can link to your site. Usually, it is not feasible to write customized emails for each website owner.Therefore, it is recommended that you develop a script and then personalize it. You can use a template. However, make sure you personalize some details to fit the website that you are reaching out to. With this, you would not come across as robotic or insincere.


Link-building is a wide domain and this post has covered a few of the techniques that you can use. Although there are many other techniques, the tips discussed in this post will help you start on a good note. You can also employ a local SEO company near me to work with you in link-building from relevant and reputable sites.