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How to Write SEO Titles and Description for a Japanese Website

How to Write SEO Titles and Description for a Japanese Website

Two of the most crucial factors that an SEO expert agency must focus on when developing content are SEO Title and Description tags. Although they are not seen on a website, they are used to reflect the search engine result pages in a search engine. These two are very critical but unfortunately, many SEO marketing experts do not give it the best attention as they should.

Why are SEO Titles and Description Tags important for the SEO of a Website?

It is very easy. Without these two, it becomes difficult for your site to rank well in the search engine results. Here are the top reasons why a search engine marketing firm must pay attention to SEO Titles and Description tags:
  • They improve the discoverability of your site
  • They enhance the ranking of your site on search engine
  • They boost the volume of clicks your site gets from searchers.
Now that you know how important these two are, let us look at how to write them and improve your website.

Four Tips to Create SEO Titles and Description

Watch the Length

Google and Yahoo have a specific length of words that are allowed in both the SEO title and the Description. If a search engine marketing firm writes too long content beyond what is allowed, the ending part will be cut off with “…”. So, what length is allowed? For optimal SEO Title, the text length is as follow:
  • Japanese and other 2-byte: 25-30 characters.
  • English and other 1-byte: 50-60 characters.
For optimal SEO description, the text length is as follow:
  • Japanese and other 2-byte: 70-80 characters
  • English and other 1-byte: 140-160 characters.

Include your Target Keyword

Before an SEO expert agency begins to write the Title or Description, the first thing to do is to get the keyword that users would normally type in search engines when looking for your content. When you have the keywords, you can go ahead to include them in your title and description. However, you must be mindful of three important points.
  • Add the keyword in the early part of the sentence
  • Add the keyword at least once but it should not be more than thrice
  • Focus on excellent content and avoid the confusing sentence.

Focus on Brilliant content that will appeal to Users

Titles and descriptions written by SEO marketing experts should propel users to want to select your content over others in the search results. Remember that users have other options. Therefore, you should create titles that users believe would help them with their search. Also, add a call-to-action to the content, such as “Find out more” or “Read to learn more”.

Avoid Plagiarism or Duplication

Google recommends that SEO marketing experts avoid redundant, overlapping, or duplicate content when developing titles and descriptions. Ensure that the content of your page is not the same as any other site, even two of your pages should not have the same content. Secondly, you can get inspired by other sites. However, do not plagiarize the content on the site.


Without a doubt, SEO titles and descriptions can be quite complicated. They are not visible on your site but can be seen on the search result pages. An SEO expert agency must ensure that they write titles and Meta descriptions that will attract visitors to a site.