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Top Tips for Effective URLs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Top Tips for Effective URLs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using a string for URLs of web pages that is seamless for the crawler to identify and index is very crucial for SEO. Also, when you connect multiple URLs with link tags and inform crawlers of the URLs on the site map, you can significantly enhance crawler-ability, which is an important internal measure for SEO. For the most part, you need SEO services from a reliable SEO agency that understands how this works to help you achieve the best result.

What are the Tips Recommended by Google for Effective URLs in Big Commerce SEO Services?

There are specific rules and tips that Google recommends for the URL of different web pages, including websites for big commerce SEO services. In this part, we will look at four of the rules that SEO marketing consultants must adhere to when developing URLs for SEO.
  • Write URLs in English and not in Roman Letters
Google generally interprets Roman characters in URLs as English and not Japanese. That means that when you use romaji notation, Google would not recognize the keyword that the URL is associated with. It can also misunderstand the notation and give it a different meaning other than what you intend. Therefore, always write URLs in English. You can hire one of the SEO marketing consultants in your local business area to work with you on this.
  • Include a Hyphen in-between Two or More Words
If an URL has more than one word, use a hyphen to separate the words. When two or more words are used in English notation, there is always a space between them. This is because an URL cannot have spaces because of its specifications. When you replace the space with a hyphen, it becomes easier for Google to identify each word used. You should add canonical tags if you have access to / and /index.html URLs. Google index each URL within the search index. When there are two different types of URLs for the top-ranking page – / and /index.html, Google will treat both URLs as two different pages. The page will be measured against the URL. When there are multiple URLs for the same page, the measurement of external links and others will be distributed, making it difficult for the search ranking to easily rise. With the canonical tag, you can easily notify search engines that there are two URLs on the same page, which is known as URL normalization.
  • Specify the Mobile Version/PC Version URL with the right Link Tag
It is recommended that you use the same URL for both mobile and PC. However, if the mobile and PC versions have different URLs, make sure that you specify each URL for each version with a link tag. If you do not specify, the search results may show both mobile and PC URLs. That means that if you search on the computer, you may be presented with the mobile URL, which can be inconvenient for a user.


These are four top rules that should be considered for effective URLs in search engine optimization for big commerce SEO services and others. Some reputable consultants understand the dynamics of using URLs to achieve the best SEO. Therefore, if you need SEO services, you can hire one of them.