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SEO Keyword Selection: Tips for achieving the Best SEO Keyword Selection with Surrey SEO

SEO Keyword Selection: Tips for achieving the Best SEO Keyword Selection with Surrey SEO

Keyword selection is undoubtedly the most important aspect of search engine optimization. So, what is SEO keyword selection? It refers to the selection of keywords that a website owner wants users to search for based on the theme of their sites. Although developing the right keyword selection strategy that will generate an influx of traffic to your website is not easy, you can choose an SEO consultant service to guide you through the process. Two major factors contribute to whether your SEO keyword selection will be effective or not. These are the search volume and search intent.

What is Keyword Search Volume for Affordable Company SEO?

Search volume refers to an index that indicates the volume of keyword that is being searched over a period. Generally, it focuses on the monthly search volume that reflects the number of times that a keyword is searched within a month. When you understand how search volume works, it becomes easier to determine if a keyword is in high demand or not. It also ensures that you avoid the scenarios where the search is displayed at the top but not in the first place. Most affordable company SEO understands how this works and can help organizations create an effective SEO keyword selection for clients.

What is Keyword Search Intent?

Search intent is another critical factor that affects the effectiveness of your keyword selection. Search intent refers to the intent and purpose of a user’s search. It is the information that a user that searched for a specific keyword wanted. When you choose keywords that target users will search for, you will be able to avoid a situation where access significantly increased but conversion does not. To ensure you get your keyword selection right, it is recommended that you engage the service of a Surrey SEO.

How to Use Keyword Selection Tools

The first step in using keyword selection tools is to check the search volume using the keyword planner. Keyword planner is a critical tool that enables a website owner to examine the search volume as well as the competitiveness of specific keywords when using them in Google ads. To use this tool, follow the steps below:
  • Locate new keywords by logging in to the Keyword Planner and clicking “Find New Keyword”. Next, type in the keywords that you want to check, such as “Vegan Restaurant in New York City”. You will see the number of times the keywords have been searched for within a month as well as other related keywords to the keyword you are searching for.
  • Search for keywords used by competing sites. Follow the same process and click “Find New Keywords. Next, enter the URL of your competing site and review the SEO keywords that the sites are using.


There are many ways you can effectively use your SEO keyword selection with the right tool. If you are not experienced with SEO tools, it is recommended that you use an SEO consultant service to get the best of the process.