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Tips to Test-Launch your Product in the United States

Tips to Test-Launch your Product in the United States

Launching a product in a new market requires top SEO services. Are you an aspiring startup or a Japanese company looking to expand into other markets? Do you already have a good product or service selling well in the Japanese market?Well, if you are ready to explore other markets, including the United States, how would you go about it? Launching a product or service in a market like the United States can be very risky for a couple of reasons.First, you must understand that there is a plethora of competition in the market already. Second, you are not sure if potential customers will buy the product or not until you sell it. Third, there is also the issue of market mismatch, which can lead to a lack of sales for your product.The list of possible challenges can keep growing, including differences in culture about your products and high expectations from customers. Despite all these challenges, you can still sell your products with the right techniques from a professional SEO consultant.

How to Find the Right Customers for your Products Overseas?

You do not have to spend millions of dollars on an SEO management company to perform market research, establishing a local office in the foreign market, and do other traditional marketing. Today, you can get the right customers, and evaluate your marketing hypothesis to determine the availability of an audience for your product.You also do not have to spend a fortune to iterate your business idea and build a formidable customer base even before you launch your business. So, how do you go about it?

Use a Basic Online Marketing Funnel

When you combine the force of Lean Startup methodology and advanced digital marketing strategies, you can test-launch your product without the overhead cost of creating an office in the foreign market. With the right tools of top SEO services, you can determine if your product is what the target audience is looking to buy. Here are the simple steps for the online marketing funnel:Step One: Use Google Keyword Planner for your market research. This will show you the specific keywords that your target customers are search for and the cost required to bid on the keywords. Ensure you select keywords that match your product the best.Step Two: Request that your SEO management company create a simple landing page that pitches the product or service you have to sell. Ensure that the page has a concise call to action button, which you will use in measuring results.Step Three: Run a Google Adwords PPC advert campaign with the keywords you acquired in step one to drive traffic to the landing page.Step Four: You can offer site visitors some gifts in exchange for their email addresses. This is called Lead Magnet. It can be a video course, a free product, or an eBook.Step Five: At the end of the campaign, make an offer like your product is already for sale. You may tell them that you are currently taking preorders. If many people pay, you can start right away and if not, you can refund the money of the few that paid.


This is a compelling way of test-launching your product in the USA or any other foreign market for that matter. For each step, ensure you measure the results to enable you to know what aspect works the best. You can hire a professional SEO consultant for the project.