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Top 4 Content Types that Attract the Highest Backlinks

Top 4 Content Types that Attract the Highest Backlinks

Without a doubt, your content is very important to SEO. However, your manner of presentation is also very important. The structure, content, and media format of your article all contribute to the results you get in ranking. A professional SEO firm understands the importance of putting all these into place to achieve the best results. That is why it is recommended that you choose one of the best SEO companies for small businesses to work on your digital marketing strategy. When developing any content, you should have an end goal in your mind. What do you want to achieve by writing and posting the article? Attracting links is one of the important goals to achieve with your content. This is because links are very crucial to SEO. With great backlinks, you can rank better in search engines. That means you must ensure you get as many quality links to your site as possible. This will significantly increase your organic search engine visitors.

So, what Content should you Post?

While building a strong relationship with a white label SEO reseller, you should also focus attention on generating organic visitors through your content. Here are tips on the best content types that attract high-quality links.
  • Readers love to read List Posts

According to an extensive study of about 220,000 articles, it was discovered that list posts were considered the most shareable among them. The reason for this is simple. List posts are very consistent and give readers an idea of what to expect. They are also scannable and invoke curiosity. If you want to increase your backlinks, write more lists posts. An example is the topic of this post.
  • Readers love to Read Guides

Your readers are looking for solutions. When they visit your site, they believe you are an expert. Therefore, give them what they want – a guide. Whatever content you develop, let it be a guide to help your readers achieve a specific task. There are the best SEO companies for small businesses that you can hire to help you develop meaningful guides that will attract readers to your site and generate backlinks for you.
  • Use Infographics

You can attract high-quality links with infographics because they are the most viral content type currently. However, you must ensure that the information you are providing is high-quality and correct. When developing infographics, make sure you choose the right topic. You can get this through research. Secondly, get a good designer to work on the graphics for you. You may want to hire a professional SEO firm that has an in-house designer that can help you with this.
  • Get an Influencer on your Side

Influencers have high followership and when they link to you, it can significantly improve the quality of your site. The best way to get influencers to link to you is to get them to your side. How do you do this? Pick an influencer within your niche and follow their advice on a specific topic to the letter. Next, tell them about the result you got from following their advice. You may also want to publish it on your site and tag them. They will likely use your testimonial in developing their next content and from there, you get more backlinks.