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Top Backlink Check Tools every Local SEO Service Provider must know

Top Backlink Check Tools every Local SEO Service Provider must know

Links are a critical determinant of the ranking in Google search. When high-quality backlinks are used, they significantly impact the evaluation of a site in SEO. Additionally, they affect page rating and domain power. However, it is not all backlinks that are effective and can be used. Some have positive effects on a site’s SEO while others have negative effects.A local SEO service provider must understand the difference between the two to improve the rating and performance of their client’s website. This post looks at some tools that an SEO and internet marketing firm must be privy to and be able to use effectively.

What is a Backlinks Check Tool?

The check tool is designed to be used for checking backlink trends and advanced measures against the trends. First, it can be used to compare the volume of backlinks on your site with competing sites. It enables you to see the site that is better rated by Google based on the backlinks.Using this tool can help you identify spam backlinks, which can hurt your site’s SEO. With the check tool, you can verify link sources to identify links from malicious sites.

What are the Free Backlink Check Tools that are available on the Market?

There are many free check tools that a local SEO service provider can explore. They are highly effective and do not cause a cent. They include the following:
  • Google Search Console: This can check for backlinks, linked URLs, and link sources within a list. You can also download the list in CSV format.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool: This improves SEO capabilities and you can use its backlink feature to compare your site with another competing site as well as check the volume of backlinks and URLs of a link source.
  • Hanasakigani: This tool can display backlinks by simply entering the URL. You can analyze up to ten backlinks with the tool and it also has a feature that allows you to check the backlinks of competing websites.
  • Online Broken Backlink Checker: This is another free tool that can easily identify broken links within backlinks. All that an SEO and internet marketing firm has to do is provide the domain and the check will be conducted. The tool allows you to also see the date that the links were broken.

What are the Paid Backlink Check Tools

There are also some paid backlink checker tools that many SEO for estate agents use. If you want to try out the paid options, here are some effective tools that you can consider:
  • Moz Pro-Link Explorer: This enables you to analyze the transitions of backlinks as well as spam scores of backlinks in full detail. It can index over 7 billion domains to enable you to check precise link details.
  • Majestic: This is another strong link analysis instrument that enables you to analyze backlinks both on your site and competitors’ sites.
  • Ahrefs – Backlink Checker: This allows you to check the backlinks of specific sites. it has a backlink alert function, with the option to check the decrease or increase of backlinks at any given time.


Of course, companies that work with SEO for estate agents can also use free backlink check tools because they are also highly effective. With free options, you can easily check backlinks but not the past status of the backlinks. However, the paid versions help you to analyze a large volume of backlinks of the past few years.