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Top Search Ranking Check Tools every SaaS SEO Consultant must know

Top Search Ranking Check Tools every SaaS SEO Consultant must know

The best way to understand the impact of SEO measures is to check the search ranking. Unfortunately, it would be overwhelming to consistently check the rankings on the search engine every day. This is why it is recommended that a SaaS SEO consultant gain access to tools that will make it easy to check and analyze search ranking. In this post, we will look at some free and paid search ranking tools that any SEO PPC services provider can use. These tools can be used to check the search ranking of both Google and Yahoo!, irrespective of the kind of business that you run.

What are the Types of Search Ranking Check Tools on the Market?

There are various search ranking check tools that a healthcare SEO agency or any other SEO agency for that matter can use. They include: Continuous use type & One-shot Type: the continuous use type enables a SaaS SEO consultant to register URLs and keywords as well as browse the changes in search rankings. On the other hand, the one-shot type tool requires that you enter an URL or keyword every time you want to check the search ranking. The one-shot type will be the best option if you have only a couple of keywords to look out for. Installation type & web service type: Installation type has advanced search ranking functions. The only downside is that it can only function on a computer where it has to be installed. The web service type on the other hand does not need any installation and can be used right away.

What are the Differences in ranking that Search Ranking Check Tool can Measure?

There are many differences in measurable rankings and the accuracy of results will depend on the specific search ranking check tool uses. When a healthcare SEO agency is using a search ranking check tool, they must understand the kind of rank they want to measure. Here are the possible ranks that can be measured: Target Search Engine: Google generally supports all check tools but Bing supports only specific tools. Therefore, it is crucial to know the check tools that the specific search engine you want to measure supports. Smartphone Search Ranking: There is a difference between the search ranking of smartphones and the search ranking of PC. The type of visitors you have on a site should determine the search ranking tool you use. For example, BtoC websites will most likely have a high ratio of a smartphone search. For such sites, it is recommended that you use check tools that support smartphone search. Oversea Search Ranking: The language and region also determine search results. For instance, if your goal is to know the Google search ranking with the United States, you need to choose a tool that can check overseas ranking.


There are important considerations when it comes to choosing a search ranking check tool. Therefore, SEO PPC services providers must be equipped with the right skills needed to make the right choice.