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Top Tips for Link Builders on Email Outreach

Top Tips for Link Builders on Email Outreach

Link building through email outreach is not an attractive project, which is why many business SEO services charge extra for the work. For a start, it is boring and very time-consuming. However, it has a big reward. It is very effective. When you send out 100 emails, a minimum of five of them should link back to you.

Why you do not get Backlinks from Email Outreach

Several reasons may be responsible for not getting backlinks when your reseller SEO Company sends out emails. Here are some of them:
  • The sites you are sending emails to are not relevant to your site
  • Your emails are being sent to your business competitors
  • The content of your email is not very compelling
  • Your website does not have enough substance to attract
So, how can you fare better in this regard? What can you do to improve your backlinks from emails your send out?

Top Tips to Increase Backlinks from Email Outreach

The best thing is to hire the service of the best SEO services company for the project. However, if you have some skills and you would want to give the process a shot, here are tips to help you:
  • Find Links

Finding links that will link to you is not as difficult as it seems. The easiest way to go about it is to carry out a backlink check on the competition. You can also do a quick Google search to check for websites that you can reach out to. If you want to get links from websites of New York restaurants, for instance, you can run a quick check with “New York restaurants” on Google.
  • Get their Email Addresses and Names

When you have gotten the list of websites to reach out to, the next step is to get the contact details of real people that run the site. You can use tools such as oDesk or Mechanical Turk to get the details you need. You can also do it manually by going through the website to check the contact us page. Your reseller SEO Company can also provide the information that you need.
  • Remember the Basics

It is crucial to set up a tracking system before you begin the email outreach program. You can use an Excel sheet to keep track of the email. You can also use an online tool to track the emails you have sent. Some templates, such as Yesware, comes with additional features such as giving details on the subject lines and email templates that are read most by recipients. With this, you can fine-tune your email templates to maximize the opening rates. You can also hire the best SEO services company for maximum returns.
With the right email templates and subject lines, you can attract recipients to open your email. When you get these tips right, you can significantly increase the links that you get from your email outreaches. Many business SEO services providers can help you develop the right templates that will appeal to your target. You can also use some online tools to get good templates.