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What are the Benefits of Responsive Designs to SEO and How Can an SEO Marketing Company Help?

What are the Benefits of Responsive Designs to SEO and How Can an SEO Marketing Company Help?

Responsive design refers to a web design technique that adaptably controls the layout of the site based on the browser’s size. The design uses CSS media queries to accomplish the different layouts that match the specifications of various browsers. Top SEO companies understand how this works and they have an in-house team that consistently monitors different web designs to ensure that they are adaptable to different browsers. A link building agency ensures that responsive design uses the same URL for smartphone websites and PC sites and it is regarded to be very beneficial for SEO when compared to other methods of design.

Why Does Google Recommend Responsive Design?

Although some top SEO companies use other design methods to improve SEO, Google recommends responsive design for some reasons. That means that it is not enough to engage a top SEO marketing company, you must engage someone with the capacity to deliver on what is best for your brand. So, why does Google recommend responsible design?
  • Having one URL makes it seamless for users to link and share content and you can be sure to find a local SEO marketing company that understands how this can work for your site.
  • It does not need the extra step of informing the Google algorithm that your website has a corresponding mobile or PC page.
  • Your link building agency can avoid the stress of managing and maintaining multiple webpages
  • Reduction in the possibility of making common errors with mobile websites.
  • You can minimize load times since you do not need to redirect users to different pages that are optimized for different devices.
  • You save precious resources that Googlebot requires to crawl your website

Is Your Website Losing by not using Responsive Techniques?

It is crucial to know if there are any implications associated with not using responsible techniques for your website design. This will help you optimize your current strategy and know if you need to get a new SEO agency near me. So, what are the impacts of not using responsive design? The first thing to understand is that Google considers three mobile-friendly supports. These are responsive web design, dynamic delivery, and separate URLs. Dynamic delivery utilizes the same URL irrespective of the device but it uses different HTML for every device type according to the information available to the user about the browser of the user. Separate URLs, on the other hand, provide different codes for each device at different URLs. It detects users’ devices and redirects them to suitable pages using Vary HTTP headers and HTTP redirects. Although Google recommends responsive design, it does not give any preference to any of them. That means that whichever your local SEO marketing company decides to use would work with Google.


Of course, your site would not be at a disadvantage in terms of SEO even if it is not using a responsive technique. However, measures must be taken to ensure that the site does not compromise mobile-friendliness. If you are worried that your site is not SEO optimized, you should discuss with your SEO marketing company to devise the best solution.