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How does Index Services Work?

How does Index Services Work?

There are various methods that index works but sometimes, even the best SEO Optimization Company experiences glitches when trying to work on them. If you currently use the traditional methods, such as link redirection creation, pinging, and URL shortening, among others, you need to reconsider. Many modern approaches work effectively that many B2B SEO services, as well as B2C SEO agencies, use today. In this post, we will look at the latest techniques to make indexing work. Let us get into the details!

Google Properties

These are highly preferred by Google because of the crawling rates. When you create Google sites, blogs, or even Google docs and then publish it as a web page, you can have the backlinks indexed very fast. This method is effective and it may interest you to know that not many indexers use it. However, a good link-building agency should have the skills and competence to use the method.

Google Indexing APIs and PBNs

Your site is attached to a Google API, which makes it possible for you to request a boost in the daily indexing rate to your webpage. That means that instead of sending the URLs of your site to Search Console, you can simply utilize the API to ask Google bots to crawl a new post or page that you have created. An SEO Optimization Company offers this service as they simply submit backlinks to their website in a single post. Next, they use Google indexing API to ask Google bots to crawl the post. The great thing is that they can do this indexing service in mass because there is a system that can be used to do it automatically. With this, they can send multiple requests per day.

Blog Comments and Guestbooks

A link-building agency uses this approach effectively. They spam your backlinks to several guestbook platforms to allow users to leave comments. These sites often have an excellent indexing rate with good traffic. That means your links will get indexed fast. Suffice to mention that this indexing method was very popular and very effective between 2016 and 2017. Top Reasons why Indexers may not work You may have used different indexing services that do not work and wondered what the problem is. The truth is that there are various reasons why indexers, including the seemingly good ones, may not work. Here are some of the top reasons.
  • Google Algorithm Updates: When the index algorithm is updated, things change and the indexing services become obsolete. This happens every time. Therefore, an SEO Optimization Company must always be on the lookout.
  • Google blacklists the websites: Google can detect if your B2B SEO services provider index your backlinks through spamming. When Google detects, the crawling to your website reduces and can even get de-indexed.
  • The Quality of your Site’s Backlinks: Backlinks that are unique and have useful content often get indexed faster. If Google AI discovers that you have low-quality content, it reduces the crawling budget to your website.


Indexing can be a tough task, thanks to the numerous bottlenecks that surround the different approaches. It is recommended that you stay up-to-date with the latest development in the link-building domain so that you can take the necessary steps when required.