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5 Link-Building Mistakes every Expert SEO Consultant must avoid

5 Link-Building Mistakes every Expert SEO Consultant must avoid

Sometimes in March, some changes occur on websites. If you were working on a client’s website as an expert SEO consultant, you may have noticed that there was about a 10-30% drop in site traffic. The real event that caused the changes was that Google launched a new Panda update in February and by March, it rolled out another one. Many important changes have been made via these updates that may affect the link-building strategy of anSEO audit agency. You must understand these changes to be able to maintain your site’s ranking. Here are some mistakes that your site may have that may impact the ranking.

1. Using the Same Anchor Text Links

It is not a bad idea to focus on using similar keywords in text anchors. However, if you use them too frequently, you can get penalized and this can affect your ranking. If you have unnatural link building, Google is likely to catch on it and you are likely to lose your site’s ranking.

2. Not using Adequate Semantic Keyword in Anchor Text Links

Corporate SEO experts must develop the competence to develop semantic keywords to mitigate the issue of creating many same match anchor text. Semantic keywords are not just looking for synonyms of specific phrases. They extend to the use of words. Using semantic keywords will help search engines to figure the best way to use your keywords. When you liberally use semantic keywords, you can improve your SEO and your ranking.

3. Not Adequate Junk Anchor

The latest Google Panda 3.4 measures the volume of junk anchors that you have on your website. Junk anchors refer to text links that may be used anywhere and include phrases, such as “Buy Now”, “Read more”, and “Click here”. When you create call-to-action, you have to use them and they look natural on your site. If you use them judiciously, you can increase the conversion rates on your site.

4. Little Brand Mention in Text Links

An SEO audit agency can increase the brand mention of a business within text links by linking from internal web pages to the homepage. When you do not have ample brand mention, Google interprets it as trying to play smart with its algorithm. The reason for this is simple. Spammers only think of creating volumes of links and do not think through the process carefully.

5. Few Social Signals

A closer look at the latest updates, it seems that Google is paying less attention to inbound links in determining a site’s value. In its stead, it is looking at something much harder to influence, such as social signal. Google now pays more attention to the volume of social signals that a webpage gets in determining its rank position and value. In other words, if you want to improve your ranking and value, you have to promote your site.


These are five link-building mistakes that corporate SEO experts must avoid at all costs. Every expert SEO consultant must also understand that there is no shortcut to the ranking results that a site gets in the long run. Even when you create hundreds of matching anchor text keywords, buy links, or automate link exchange, you will only get short-term results. The result is often a major drop in your site ranking. Therefore, do the right thing and avoid these mistakes.