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How Do Rich Results work and How Can you set them

How Do Rich Results work and How Can you set them

Rich results are extra details that appear in the search results of Google and are popularly used by SEO Company Cornwall. It has a unique appearance different from the standard blue links. The details reflected in the rich results contain a pre-defined type, and they include events, breadcrumbs, recipes, products, and FAQs, among others. It is important to emphasize that Google supports a total of 29 types of “types” and uses them effectively; you need the service of a reputable Liverpool SEO company. Rich results were initially called other names, such as enrich search results, rich card, and rich snippet. These names were used interchangeably by Google. However, Google has unified the name officially and now refers to it as rich results.

What are the Effects of Rich Results on SEO in Social Media?

There is currently no direct effect of rich results on SEO. However, it can make search results stand out, which can significantly improve the user experience as well as increase traffic to the site. When your site incorporates elements of rich results, it will impact the SEO in social media of your business and increase traffic on all your platforms. Here are some effects that your site enjoys when it uses rich results:
  • Enhances user experience
  • Shows faster in search results
  • Results in more accurate search results

What are the Most Important Types of Rich Results support by Google?

As highlighted above, 29 different rich results are displayed in the search result. In this post, we will look at the most useful rich results among them. Here are the details:
  • Breadcrumb Trail: This is the most often seen rich result. it can be displayed in the URL field and if the breadcrumb trail’s structured data is appropriately set, it will be displayed in a part following the domain within the URL field. You may want to discuss with your SEO Company Cornwall to incorporate this in your SEO strategy.
  • Event: This has to do with event information, such as seminars, concerts, and lectures. The search result will include the event name, date, and location, which would be displayed within the rich result aspect of the event.
  • FAQ: A rich result also showcases some of the questions and answers that are available on the FAQ page of a website.
  • Products and Reviews: The rich results of prices, reviews, and ratings that are mostly showed on the EC sites are displayed under the title. The star mark for it is in orange, which is quite conspicuous.
  • Job Offer: You can also have rich results on employment information displayed, including information such as company name, job type, place of work, registration date, and salary, among others. All these can be displayed in the search result.


Depending on the SEO strategy used by your Liverpool SEO Company, your site can use only a few of the rich results “types” or a handful of them. It is recommended that you discuss with your SEO provider to develop the best approach to using rich results to boost your search ranking as well as SEO in social media.