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How Many Links Does your Website need?

How Many Links Does your Website need?

This is one of the pertinent questions that a website owner should ask their local search engine optimization company. You already understood that for a link to translate into a good ranking in the search result, it must be a great link. Of course, you probably know what to expect from a great link. For instance, it must be natural, relevant, not focused on anchor text, and generates from an authoritative website. However, there is more to a good ranking than knowing about great links. You must also understand the volume of links that should be built into your site. How many links do you need to build and how fast do you need to build them? This may seem complicated, which is why many web owners choose the best SEO Company to help with their link-building projects. Although it is perfect to get a professional to work on your link-building, it is also a great idea to know what it entails to enable you to have meaningful conversations with the best local SEO services provider that you may employ.

How many Links do you need to build?

There is a major misconception that many people have, including some best local SEO services providers. Many believe that the more links that a site has pointed to it, the better for its ranking. Well, this is further from the truth. Quantity should not be your focus. Instead, you should pay closer attention to quality. For instance, if you have a link from a website, such as BBC that comes from a relevant article and section you can be sure that it will carry a higher weight than ten-fifteen links from other less-known sites. In other words, build more high-quality links as much as possible. Again, build these links to your internal pages more than your homepage.

Why you should build Links to your Internal Pages

The answer is simple. It is much easier for your local search engine optimization company to build links to your internal pages than to your homepage. You may want to take a moment to think about it. Here is a question to give more clarity on this? Which would you prefer – to link to an educational article that is published on an internal page or to a site’s homepage that offers a service or sells a product? The answer is obvious – the internal page is a perfect choice. What is the advantage of linking to internal pages? Although you may not compete with websites that have thousands of links using these particular links, you can be sure of getting more authoritative links. This will help you to out-rank your competitions easily.

How Fast should you build links to your Site?

You should not worry about the volume of link-building on your site if you maintain clean link-building. Even if you do not build links as fast as you would have loved with this approach, your site will grow steadily and enjoy better returns in the long run. Rushing over it can have more adverse effects than good ones. For example, if you try to build about 400 links to a new site with less than 100 inbound links within its first 30 days, you may discover that your ranking will temporarily drop. This means that building links too fast is termed unnatural and raises red flags. On average, the best SEO Company should consider building five to ten links within the first 30 days of a new site and ramp it up in the following months.