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How to Find the Perfect Link

How to Find the Perfect Link

There are good links and there are bad links and your SEO marketing firm should understand the difference. Why is one link good and another bad? In this post, we will look at how you can identify good links.

How to Find the Perfect Link

The first thing to understand is that PageRank is not the only thing that matters to link building. By the way, if it is, pages that have the best PR would rank more than those with lower PR. However, it is only one of the ingredients that are required for great link building. Still, it is very important. While your Google SEO agency may focus solely on getting a homepage’s PR, you should note that the PR of pages is more important. Therefore, it is crucial to get links on high PR pages as much as possible. The best way to get the PR of a page is to install a toolbar that indicates toolbar PR. However, you should be mindful that Toolbar PR is updated about every three months. That means that when you see a PR on new pages, they are often not correct.

How to Install SEO Toolbar

One of the well-known SEO Toolbar that is very rich in features is SEOBook. To download and install this tool in Firefox on your system, follow the steps below:
  • Register for a free account at the official website of SEOBook
  • Navigate to the SEO Toolbar section and download the toolbar
  • Install the tool after the download.
After the installation, the toolbar will automatically show the PR of the webpage that you are currently on. Here are some of the things that your SEO marketing firm can look out for through the toolbar.

Inbound Links

The volume of links that point at your site is also a very critical ranking factor. You can see the volume of inbound links that are pointing to a domain through the SEO Toolbar. When you visit a page on a site, the toolbar collects data and you can see the volume of external links that point to the specific page.

Referring Domains

Search engine algorithms place significance on the number of domains that link to a site. During the evaluation of a potential link opportunity, it is crucial to check the number of domains that are already linked to the site or page. Having more domains linking to a site is better than having the same domain repeatedly linking to the site. Your agency rank tracking system can work with the SEO Toolbar to get the information on the domains linking to your site and the volume of links they are building.


There is more to finding the perfect link and a reputable Google SEO agency can help with the process. It is technical and a professional would be in the best place to work on generating and measuring the right link to your site. We recommend that in addition to the SEO Toolbar, your team can use your agency rank tracking system to evaluate the value of a link to your site and how effective it can be in improving your page rank.