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How to Increase Backlink

How to Increase Backlink

Backlinks are links from other sites that are directed to your site. Online marketing and SEO services providers understand how important backlinks are to SEO. That is why they pay much attention to attracting these links. Sites can increase the number of backlinks on their site using an external measure of SEO as an approach to raising the evaluation of the webpage. Using external measures to enhance these links is very effective in SEO. When other sites create links, the incoming links to your site increase. Google interprets these backlinks as proof that the content on your site is useful. However, an SEO consultant company should be careful with backlinks because if there is an error in the process, it can lead to Google taking measures to reduce the site’s search ranking.

What are the Effects of Backlink

As mentioned, Google interprets backlinks as evidence that your site has useful content. Therefore, it shows such pages as having higher quality content and displays them at the top of the search results. However, it should be noted that the volume of backlinks from different external sites is used to determine the quality of the contents.

Tips to Increase Backlinks

To improve the ranking and rating of the content of your site, using backlinks is very important. You can be sure to find a reputable digital SEO agency that can help with the mechanism discussed in this part. So, how do you increase the volume of backlinks that will positively affect your site?
  • Create a page that is worth quoting

To increase the volume of links from external sites, you should create pages with valuable information that other sites can cite. How do you do this? Whenever you develop content on your pages, ensure it reflects authentic and concrete data. Also, make sure that illustrations and images are intertwined. You should also summarize the illustrations in easy-to-understand and clear sentences. If you have special information or allegations, make sure to provide verifiable evidence. Make sure that the article is written by a well-versed writer on the article’s topic.
  • Use SNS

The place of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook cannot be downplayed when talking about backlinks. Using SNP is also crucial for external measures for SEO. It is recommended that your SEO consultant company install a button that enables sharing of content with a single touch to make sharing on SNS easier and fast.
  • Use email Newsletter

You can boost the exposure of your content by introducing it with an email newsletter. This can also lead to backlinks acquisition. A digital SEO agency can develop a creative newsletter and include the link to the article in the e-letter when sending it to prospective.


Although backlinks are very effective in improving the search ranking and SEO on a site, it can also backfire, especially when it is acquired illegitimately. If an online marketing and SEO services provider uses malicious methods to generate a large volume of links, Google will penalize the site. The method of generating a high volume of illegal backlinks is known as black hat SEO. Google has taken measures against this approach by altering the algorithm of search results.