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Top Things to know about a Good Link Profile and How to Get One

Top Things to know about a Good Link Profile and How to Get One

Your B2B SEO Company provider would tell you that high-quality backlinks are crucial to SEO. This is a fact and a lot of efforts must be invested in building strong, highly effective backlinks from authoritative sources. When it comes to building links, it is crucial to understand the adverse effect of over-optimizing anchor text and how toxic links from directory listings and spam sites can be for your site. In other words, achieving a good link profile should be the aim of any online business, and your managed SEO services provider should know this also.

How important is a Link Profile for your SEO?

With the launch of Penguin 2.0 and the Hummingbird in 2013, SEO became a crucial requirement to be a successful website. Although it is more than eight years ago, a managed SEO services provider understands that creating strong SEO has remained an important part of any site development. You probably already know that you cannot achieve a successful SEO strategy with a good backlink profile. According to studies, link profiles make up a large percentage of websites ranking based on the Google algorithm. It may interest you to know that Google places high penalties on issues relating to the link profiles of websites and many SEO for real estate agents understand the significance.

How to Get a Good Link Profile?

The first thing that a B2B SEO Company will tell you is that a good link profile is more than backlinks. Of course, they are very crucial to ranking but you cannot focus only on backlinks and overlook other aspects of what it takes to build your link profile. So, what other elements make a good link profile?
  • You need many high-value, high-authority links back to your site.
  • Avoid spam backlinks

Four Important Elements of a Good Link Profile

Apart from the two elements highlighted above, which your B2B SEO Company may have told you; there are other crucial attributes of a good link profile that may be less obvious. Let us check them out. Google is interested in seeing a link profile with branded anchor text that reflects diversity. A branded anchor text should include your company’s name and should contain a combination of keywords.
  • Linking Site Relevance
Also known as topic-specific, linking site relevance is a standard aspect of the algorithm of almost every search engine. What does the element mean? It means that the backlinks to your site should ordinarily come from websites that have similar topics as you do. In other words, they should be relevant. Beyond the linking site relevance, the content around the anchor text should also be relevant to the anchor and your content. When you get links that have surrounding content closely associated with your niche, it significantly boosts the value of the link to your profile.
  • Link Freshness
You have to consistently update the links to your site. This is because the power of links declines with time. For instance, if you have a link that is seven years old from a reputable site, it may not have the same value as new links from the same site.